Why Work with Prevail?

We help firm owners transition out of the day-to-day

while ensuring a great experience for their clients and team members.

Our team has stayed 100% intact and the whole process has been virtually free of any disruption to the normal day-to-day operations. I am confident that the days ahead will continue as smoothly as this whole process has been from the start, and that our clients will continue to be served with the culture and service that we have been known for, and enhanced by all that Prevail adds to the picture.

Jerry L.

Retired Firm Owner

We help you transition out of the day-to-day and preserve your legacy.


Prevail will buy your practice for a fair price and help design and manage a transition plan that treats your clients, staff, and successor with dignity.

In addition to writing you a check and providing your team with resources, we’ll help make sure your successor is the right fit. Someone who shares your values, your client service standards, and your vision for the practice you built.

As trusted advisors to small-to-mid-sized business owners, we ensure a seamless client experience.


We are not a traditional CPA firm. We understand what it means to establish an outstanding practice and cater to small businesses that feel underserved. As the trusted advisors to over 1,200 small business owners nationwide, we ensure that your clients continue to receive financial insights, money-saving accounting and tax advice, and outstanding customer service.

Out of the offers received, we chose Prevail because we were attracted to their plans for transitioning clients, retaining our employees, and working to meet our needs and timing goals.  We were also impressed by the professionalism of Kevin and the Prevail team and their understanding of the accounting industry.

Becky W.

Retired Firm Owner

When I saw how closely Prevail’s values matched my business’s values, including customer service, I knew that I had found a buyer. My employees were involved in the process and felt comfortable in the transition. The Prevail team was both professional & easy to work with. They did everything they said they would do.  Prevail helped me exit my business confident that my vision would continue under Prevail’s leadership.

Robert C.

Retired Firm Owner

We create growth opportunities for team members.

Our “people-first” philosophy means that we believe success is only possible when we develop and support our talented team members in achieving their professional goals. We will listen to your needs and work with you to design a transition helps you shift out of the day-to-day, but also continues a great experience for your key team members.